Every firm is a World with specific needs and goals.
At LANDIVAR & LANDIVAR we strongly believe
you SHOULD have options to work with us:

Choose your best plan
to file in BOLIVIA!


$ 450
  • PAID TM searches
  • FREE translation of products/services
  • Scanned receipts
  • 100% advance of fees (filings take 48 h)
  • Reports on request
  • BASIC surveillance
    (reports of oppositions without legal opinion)
  • 1 Renewal alert, only 1 month before deadline
  • Discounts from 10th application onwards


$ 600
  • FREE TM searches
  • FREE translation of products/services
  • Scanned receipts
  • 50% advance of fees (filings take 48 h)
  • Bimonthly reports
  • STANDARD surveillance (possible oppositions w/legal brief)
  • 1 Renewal alert, 2 months before deadline
  • Discounts from 6th application onwards


$ 750
  • FREE TM Searches
  • FREE translation of products/services
  • Scanned receipts
  • 50% advance of fees (immediate filings)
  • Monthly reports
  • ACTIVE surveillance
    (monitoring gazettes, markets, social media)
  • 2 Renewal alerts, 4 months before deadline
  • Discounts from 2nd application onwards

A glance of our more than
100 active clients:

A brief summary on why
you should work with us:

57 years of experience

Established by Gaston Landivar Iturricha in 1962, Landívar & Landívar is a pioneering company in the IP field in Bolivia. Our international reputation took us to be considered #2 in Excellence in  Leaders League most reliable ranking. Also we belong to top-tier worldwide associations.

Affordable services

If your clients have narrow budgets, you won’t have to leave their trademarks in the hands of unexperienced agents. Money is NOT a problem anymore. Just choose the best plan and get a reliable and experienced team at your service, with LANDIVAR’s customizable benefits.  

Constant updated databases

One of the most common issues in the Andean Region is not having updated databases to perform availability searches. We have weekly updates to make sure all reports are accurate enough.

Professional insurance

Considering the delicate matters our field manages, we offer a professional insurance to cover any damages caused by our firm to your clients. We believe applicants must feel secured, even if our service QUALITY is always improved. 

Multidisciplinary team

Our firm is formed by professionals from different backgrounds and diverse fields. Therefore, our approach to each case is not only from a legal point of view, but from marketing, business, financial and sales levels of analysis. This is our strenght compared to other IP agents.

Multiple countries

We focus our services on Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, since these countries share the same Normative. Thus, if you file 1 trademark application in 1 country, you get FREE SURVEILLANCE in the other 3 countries. Other South American countries are under our scope too!

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