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We are a law firm, dedicated to provide advice on matters such as Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Tax Law, Conciliation and Arbitration and Audits, with the objective of providing a high quality service.


To provide comprehensive legal advice, seeking to protect the rights and interests of our national and international clients.


To be a reference law firm in Integral Legal Advise at
a National and International level, distinguished by our client's satisfaction client satisfaction
and constant updating.


• Transparency
• Honesty
• Commitment
• Professionalism
• Punctuality
• Order
• Loyalty
• Ethics

At Landívar & Landívar we adapt to the needs of today's world under a firm commitment to ethics and innovative vision. That is why we are characterized by a service adapted to the requirements of our clients as well as to their business objectives.


Martha Landívar Gantier is a lawyer graduated from the Universidad Mayor Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca,  having graduated with honors from said University, she has a wide and renowned trajectory at the head of the Landívar & Landívar Law Firm in the city of La Paz, which at the present date  has been in existence for SIXTY years.

Her professional trajectory has allowed Dr. Landívar to be elected Delegate for Bolivia in  the Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) in various capacities. He is currently an active member of the Educational Committee of ASIPI,  along with a long track record within this continental organization.

In Bolivia, she is Vice President of the Bolivian Intellectual Property Association, an institution that brings together all professionals in  in law that  attend to this  specialty, both locally and internationally.

She is a member of organizations such as the La Paz Bar Association  of the National Chamber of Commerce, the Bolivian-German Chamber of Commerce, the International Trademark Association (INTA);  the Interamerican Association of Intellectual  Property (ASIPI);   having also held the position of Secretary of  the Association of University Professional Women, among others.

Recognized national and international speaker on Intellectual and Industrial Property issues.

Landívar & Landívar's work team, adapting to this complex, uncertain, ambiguous and volatile world we are living in, reinvents itself, making its own the values of commitment and ethics, completely motivated by its constant innovation, is attentive to the requirements of each and every one of those who come to our offices seeking legal services and guidance.

Thus, the Landívar & Landívar team, with a view to the present, considers that the individual in general is on the threshold of a new world, full of infinite and unpredictable possibilities, and in view of this panorama, is willing to support objectives aimed at the social and individual development of people.