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The Denomination of Origin is a distinctive sign that identifies a product as native of the country, region or locality of the national territory, when the quality, reputation or other characteristic of the product is attributable, fundamentally to its geographical origin, taking into consideration, in addition, other natural and human factors that affect the characterization of the product.

Place of origin means a city, a town, a village, a region, a country.

They are of indefinite duration as long as the factors that led to its recognition are maintained.

  • Producer certification - ProBolivia: When certification of economic activity and size of the productive unit (categorization) is requested to access a margin of preference in public bids.
  • Product certification - Promueve Bolivia: Promueve Bolivia issues 2 types of certificates that provide margins of preference in public bids:
    1. Gross cost of production: It is oriented to products that have main raw material of national origin (manufactured or produced on Bolivian soil).
    2. Goods produced in the country: It is oriented to products that have main raw material of foreign origin.
  • Made in Bolivia Seal Certification - Promueve Bolivia: It is the certificate that grants the distinctive of national product for its sale in the internal or external market.

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