All the progress of humanity is and has been the product of innovation, creativity and imagination of human beings. From the beginning, it has been men and women who have contributed to the advancement of society. However, even today, the female sector does not participate on equal terms at the present time, despite its great innovative potential, at a time when it is urgent to have all its capabilities, which are still undervalued.

Women today are still underrepresented in areas where employment is growing such as engineering, information technology and communications. In the technology sector, women are 15% less likely than men to be managers and professionals and 19% more likely to be in more routine administrative and service roles, leaving women at high risk of being displaced by technology.

In view of this reality, there is an immediate need to encourage the participation of women in the innovation ecosystem and the structures of the intellectual property system in order to achieve the change that humanity requires today.

There is no precise data to show or indicate the nature of the gender gap, but there is complete certainty that women are less likely to have adequate training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to have the necessary resources to create businesses. Another factor to consider is a total lack of understanding of the importance of intellectual property in any business and how this system works. It can also be mentioned as a factor that explains why women are not included in the world of Intellectual Property, the absence of mentors that induce them to take advantage of opportunities for professional development in the field of intellectual property.

Taking into account this perspective, it is of vital importance to consider that it is necessary to empower women to gain control of their own lives, to build their self-confidence and have the capacity to access resources and actions that seek to end the lack of equality, in order to empower themselves and be agents of change and transformation of society, in the urgent needs of the complex world in which we now live.

Innovation and technology offer unprecedented opportunities to break trends and reach those at risk of being left behind. Achieving the ambitious Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for 2030, especially those related to gender equality and women's empowerment, requires far-reaching changes. Thus, innovation is essential to overcome the usual situation of the female sector and make the Sustainable Development Goals reach precisely the inclusion of women in areas where they are still segregated. 

This year, the Intellectual Property Organization has declared the Year of Women in Intellectual Property, encouraging creativity and innovation, and to this end, has designed plans and strategies that are materialized in projects. One of the main ones is the strengthening of the role of women in innovation within entrepreneurship, whose basic objective is to encourage women in developing countries to use the intellectual property system.

Specifically, WIPO aims to promote scholarship applications in the field of intellectual property for girls, adult women and educators, the financing of academic research, investment in favor of companies and the strengthening of fundamental capacities for women. Also, the measure to promote the increase in the number of women professors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, information programs aimed at women interested in careers related to Intellectual Property. Promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness and building specific skills, as well as helping women to start successful and sustainable businesses by managing their intellectual property portfolio.

In Bolivia, there are several organizations and foundations that encourage and promote women's entrepreneurship, including Fundación Emprender Futuro, which with its program "Mujeres 360", has managed in three years to train more than 360 women with technological skills that allow them to be prepared for the jobs of the future. Throughout the last few years, the "Emprender Futuro" Foundation has maintained its commitment to increase women's opportunities for education and access to economic independence. However, and despite all the efforts being made in Bolivia to support women in entrepreneurship and business initiatives, it is clear that in our environment, there is still much to be done and it is essential to include in all the strengthening programs that are being carried out, the empowerment and training necessary for women in Intellectual Property, to encourage creativity and innovation in them, leading to all businesses in which they participate, high levels of development, thanks to the efficient management of intangible assets of each and every one of the business initiatives.